About Us

The Chamber
Initiated by a group of Singaporean businessmen in Hong Kong, the Singapore Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong) was incorporated in Hong Kong in September 1995 with the support of the Singapore Consulate-General, the Singapore Trade Development Board, the Singapore Economic Development Board and the Singapore Tourism Board.

The Chamber's mission is to foster closer business links, economic understanding and co-operation between, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and other areas in teh region. The Chamber's objectives are to establish channells of communication and maintain ongoing dialogue among its members. It will also help forge links with relevant government bodies, agencies and departments in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and around the region. The Chamber collects, evaluates and disseminates statistics and other information relating to inudstry and trade. The Chamber will also encourage its members to contribute to and become more involved in the business communities. The Chamber offers business support services using its extensive statistics and directories database, which cover wide range of topics related to trade and commerce, industries, investment and other related services. The Chamber establishes a network of connections with business leaders of both local and international companies, other trade associations and government agencies. To maintain these links and expand membership, the Chamber holds regular lunch meetings, executive seminars/workshops and other joint functions.