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Dear members,

Maycham Hong Kong & Macau is organising a complimentary webinar - DIGITAL INNOVATION - How market practices have changed during COVID and speeding up our integration towards a digital world? The Singapore Chamber of Commerce (Hong Kong) collaborated to be one of the supporting organisations.

Date: 23 April 2021 (Friday)

Time: 12:15 pm - 13:30 pm

Maycham is delighted to have invited 3 intelligent business owners, namely:

- Christian Secci (Co-Founder and CEO of Pakpobox)

- Tan Yong Meng (Founder and CEO of BuildEasy)

- Wilson Beh (Co-Founder of PolicyStreet)

to share with us how they have leveraged on technological advancement to revolutionize and capitalize the market opportunities presented in the logistic e-commerce, construction and the financial services sectors.

Maycham is also excited to have Serena Chang (Regional Manager of Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation) to participate and give us the insights into the perspective of government efforts in promoting digitalization in the economies of Malaysia and regionally.

The roundtable discussion will be moderated by Anthony Khoo, InterChamber and Partnership committee of MAYCHAM.

Here is the link to sign up!



  • Serena Chang (Regional Manager, MDEC)

    Serena Chang

    Regional Manager, MDEC

    Serena Chang joined Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (MDEC) in 2013. At MDEC, she is part of the Global Growth Acceleration team that champions the growth of the Malaysian tech companies, globally. Her work focused on increasing access and engagement between the Malaysia and Global tech ecosystem

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  • Christian Secci (Co-Founder & CEO of Pakpobox)

    Christian Secci

    Co-Founder & CEO of Pakpobox

    Christian is an enthusiastic father, a global entrepreneur and a connector of people and ideas. He loves adventure endurance running and he lives by the motto "I travel, I observe, I learn”.

    For the past decade, he has been responsible for developing businesses in more than 20 countries spanning four continents, where he gained rich experience in working in culturally-diverse environments, cooperating with people from all over the world. At the beginning of 2013, he started, from scratch, a business venture in Asia with InPost, an exciting journey intersecting three different industries: e-commerce, logistics, and retail. Following InPost’s decision to downsize their investments in Asia and exit the Hong Kong market, he decided to set up a new venture with Pakpobox to build sustainable and ecofriendly delivery networks around the world.

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  • Wilson Beh (Co-Founder & COO of PolicyStreet)

    Wilson Beh

    Co-Founder & COO of PolicyStreet

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  • Tan Yong Meng (Founder & CEO of BuildEasy)

    Tan Yong Meng

    Founder & CEO of BuildEasy

    At an age of 30, Yong Meng’s 10 years in the renovation industry provides him an extensive knowledge in the renovation industry. His career started off in university when he founded and started a design and build company which won the prestigious Gold Award at the PAM (Persatuan Architect Malaysia) Awards 2015.

    The above cumulation of experience led him to start his 3rd company - BuildEasy. In a short span of 4 years, the team has grown from 2 Cofounders to a 15-strong team, as well as the growth of PropEasy (a 50 strong property agent realtor team) winning accolades & achievements along the way such as SME & Entrepreneurship Business Award, ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards, as well being featured on numerous online & print publications regionally.

    Yong Meng’s strong emphasis on technological innovation has allowed BuildEasy & PropEasy to marry the conventional business of today with the technologies of tomorrow (Mixed Reality) to secure long-term partnerships with major property developers in Malaysia, Vietnam & Indonesia. His latest venture is an upcoming online property platform that offers transparency & a much simpler process on the property purchase process for every home buyer.

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  • Anthony Khoo (Moderator) (InterChamber and Partnerships Committee of MAYCHAM)

    Anthony Khoo (Moderator)

    InterChamber and Partnerships Committee of MAYCHAM

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